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Current Openings
DSP/PHY Architect - TDMA, CDMA, OFDMA, 3GPP (3G/2G) (C++, SDLC)        Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore
-              Very good academic back ground of wireless communication systems with physical layer as the major area

-              Very Good Experience in physical layer design, simulations and development of the technologies such as TDMA, CDMA and OFDMA systems

-              Very Good understanding of 3GPP (3G/2G) access stratum protocols, for the physical layer system.

-              Very Good analytical and debugging skills along with vast experience in different tools utilization.

-              Very Good knowledge in C/C++ programming with basic understanding of processor architecture and programming.

-              Experience with SDLC

Experience – 8 to 15 Years

R&D - NLP, Machine Learning (Java, C#, C++)        Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

Role / Responsibility :

•  Research Software Engineers are expected to build and develop systems which demonstrate and make accessible the underlying research technology to solve the real time NLP problems.

•  Responsibilities of a Research Software Engineer include participating in basic and applied research on a wide array of text analytics and machine learning projects.

•  Identify new research opportunities, and develop innovative technology solutions to the research problems.

•  Leverage creativity and adaptability to better anticipate competition moves, quickly respond to market changes and support ever-evolving customer needs


Basic Qualifications :

• Ability to code in at least one object oriented language (Java, C#, C++, etc.)

• Ability to code in at least one scripted language (Python, Perl, etc.)

• A solid foundation in data structures, algorithms and software design

• Experience in machine learning, text classification, information extraction and Noun Entity Resolution and a demonstrable interest in natural language processing.

• Is Self-Driven and prefers working in an agile manner.

• 5-10+ years relevant work experience including hands-on technical experience.

• Demonstrated ability to take bold initiatives and the ability to solve hard problems, prioritize work  and make decisions


Preferred Qualifications :


• Extensive background in algorithms and strong software architecture skills.

• MS/Ph.D in Computational Linguistics or in machine learning.

·  Excellent communication skills.

·  Demonstrated expertise in problem solving and technical innovation

Visualization - C++, VTK (Medical Imaging - CT, MRI)        Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

Must Have –

-          C++ (QT, Boost, Design Patterns)

-          Data Analytics, Algorithms, Image Processing, Visualization

Desirable –

-          Proven research record and high quality publications in image processing, visualization or related areas.

-          Experience with one or more of the following: VTK, OpenGL, ITK, CGal, OpenInventor, OpenCV, OpenMesh, SPM

-          M.S., or Ph.D. in computer science or a related field with corresponding emphasis on visualization and image analysis and good software development practice

Nice to have –

-          With experience in medical imaging applications in CT or MR.

Roles and Responsibilities –

-          Responsibility of an Individual contributor

o    for developing and supporting Visualization platform

o    for Clinical Image Processing Algorithm development from concept to productizing

-          Role involves –

o    Development of Algorithms.

o    Prototyping using C++

o    Integration of the Algorithm and development of end to end clinical application with the team.

o    Support Clinical Collaboration with hospitals to do competitor benchmarking and validation of the algorithms and clinical application

o    Support for system integration and system verification issues for visualization platform and clinical application.

Architect - MRI Systems (Pulse Sequence Design)                Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

-Performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system simulation and pulse sequence design for fast simultaneous MRI imaging schemes
-Developing MRI image reconstruction algorithms


-Ph.D. degree and 5, or more, years of RnD work experience
-BS / MS degree and 10, or more, years of professional RnD work experience   
-Major in Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Information System Engineering, Computer Science, Optics Engineering, or related areas

-More than 3 to 15 years of experience in MRI signal acquisition and / or image reconstruction
-Comprehensive understanding of MRI system and pulse sequence design
Desired Skills and Experience
-Required Knowledge:
*MRI system development
*MRI signal acquisition
*MRI image reconstruction
-Preferred Knowledge:
*Simultaneous / quantitative MRI
*Compressed sensing MRI

-Developing ultra-fast MRI imaging technology
*Responsibilities may include:
  *MRI system modeling
  *Pulse sequence design (signal acquisition)
  *Image reconstruction algorithm
  *Compressed sensing for MRI

Machine Learning Scientist                            Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

Major Responsibilities
  • Use machine learning, data mining and statistical techniques to create new, scalable solutions for business problems
  • Analyze and extract relevant information from large amounts of comapny’s historical business data to help automate and optimize key processes
  • Design, develop and evaluate highly innovative models for predictive learning
  • Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation
  • Research and implement novel machine learning and statistical approaches

Basic Qualifications

  • An MS/PhD in CS, Machine Learning, Operational research, Statistics or in a highly quantitative field. PhD strongly preferred.
  • 5+ years of industrial experience in predictive modeling and analysis, predictive software development
  • Strong Problem solving ability
  • Good skills with Java or C++, Perl/Python (or similar scripting language)
  • Experience in using R, Matlab, or any other statistical software
  • Experience in mentoring junior team members, and guiding them on machine learning and data modeling applications
  • Strong communication and data presentation skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • 5+ years of industrial experience in predictive modeling and analysis, predictive software development
  • Experience handling gigabyte and terabyte size datasets
  • Experience working with retail or e-commerce data
  • Experience working with distributed systems and grid computing
  • Publications or presentation in recognized Machine Learning and Data Mining journals/conferences

Architect / TL / PL (C++, QT, VTK, MRI)                           Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

- C, C++ (QT, Boost, Design Patterns)

- Image Processing, Visualization, Algorithms, Signal Processing, UI Development Desirable

- Worked in the area of Biomedical Image/Signal Processing, Clinical Application development,

- Experience with one or more of the following tools: VTK, OpenGL, ITK, CGal, OpenInventor, OpenCV, OpenMesh, ImageJ, DICOM

- Proven application development record in image processing, visualization or related areas.

- Desire to learn biomedical image processing, ready to work with cross-functional teams.

- Domain Knowledge of MR (Stroke, Metastatis, Cartilege, Dementia related Clinical applications)

- Worked with Clinicians for development of software applications

Experience      5 to 10 years

TL / PL - GPU Programming                           Click here to apply here

Location - Mumbai

Knowledge of GPU programming in CUDA / jCUDA is the basic skill needed for the candidate. The candidate should be good in design of parallel algorithms and optimization techniques. Knowledge of java and image processing skills are desirable.

The resource is expected to assist in development of performance optimization algorithms in GPGPU environment. He or she is expected to assist the technical architect in development of the design of the entire optimization setup and contribute towards improving the performance. The candidate should be able to lead the team technically.

a) Ph. Ds preferred.
M.Tech/M.E with relevant experience can be considered.
B.Tech with exceptional track record of performance can also be considered.
b) More than 5 years of experience

TL / PL - Java, Eclipse RCP
Click here to apply here

Location - Mumbai

Skill Sets: Java coding skills is a must. Experience of more 4-8 years preferred. Should be strong in reporting tools, network technologies and Unix scripting. Knowledge of RCP and usage of data mining tools are expected. He should be familiar with eliciting requirements and designing systems.

Responsibilities: Setting up the entire project to make it run in an automated environment on the desired hardware (this would involve writing Linux scripts). Assist in setting up the database related to meta-data of the entire project for easy retrieval whenever desired. Generation of analysis reports for assisting the pathologists in making informed decisions.

GPU Computing (Healthcare)                           Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

Experienced in GPU computing SDKs like CUDA or OpenCL, and familiar with different optimization techniques.

The candidate should have hands-on experience with programming and optimization in CUDA/OpenCL.


Must Have:

1.            2+ years experience in CUDA/OpenCL programming

2.            4+ experience in C/C++ programming

3.            Strong optimization skills in parallel programming domain


1.            Experience in medical image processing domain is a plus

2.            Strong communication skills

Job Role:

The role is that of individual contributor, in which the team member will be working on latest medical image processing algorithms.

The candidate will be in charge of development and optimization of medical image processing algorithms on the GPU, and communicating with local and remote teams to effectively execute his deliverables.

Architect - Video and Image Processing               Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

Additional inputs:

- Ph.Ds in relevant domains

- Biometric Recognition (Fingerprint, Iris, Vein, etc.)

- Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

- Multi-view / Stereo / Depth

Key words to search:

• EE/Electrical Engineering, BS/MS from top US schools
• Algorithms
• Sensor technologies - array sensors, multi sensors, 2PD sensors
• Vision and Imaging, Computational Photography, computer vision
• Image and Video Pipeline
• Multimedia Framework, Security
• Heterogeneous Computing
• Graphical Processor Unit design
• Open CV, OpenVX, OpenGL, GPGPU
• Codec design, H.264/V8 designs
• 3D technologies
• Hardware accelerators and RTL design
• Display controllers, Display processing
• Low Light video and image capture
• IPI CSI/MIPI-DSI working and design knowledge

                Web Services Architect               Click here to apply here

Location - Bangalore

At least 10 to 15 years of experience developing large scale web services which are successfully deployed at enterprise scale (using C++, Java, J2EE, Node.js, Python, Ruby etc.). Size of service should be over 3-5 million active users.

Strong experience in n-tier architecture, Design of business/database abstraction layers, Enterprise scale server side development, Secure communication, Server side security and access controls.

Managing large scale data transactions, data integrity and batch processing, Data Sharding

Experience in designing web services for cloud deployment, scalability in application/database layers using services from cloud, in depth knowledge of offerings from at least one cloud service provider.

Proficiency in leveraging development tools - source code management, IDEs, and debuggers.

Experience on developing search engines, data integration & mediation, recommendation etc.

Expertise on Hadoop, Mahout, Hive, HDFS etc.

Database optimization and run time optimization (such as OS-level cache) are a big plus (exposure to NoSQL DBs such as Mongo DB, CouchDB, H-Base, Cassandra and REDIS)

Amazon Cloud experience would be an added advantage.

Should have led multiple technical /module leads and been part of Architecture forums

Deep involvement in performance tuning and scalability enhancement

Knowledge of latest technology trends in Databases, Web services and Big data

Experience in Dynamic DNS design, DFS operation, RAID, Cloudstack is a big Plus

Extensive development experiences on Amazon and other Public Cloud based applications (VPC, EC2, ELB, EBS, Route53, S3 and so on)